A picture of praying hands

Spark a Prayer Today…

By Katherine White

It is time for a shift in focus. Life feels so small when we only look within. Take a step away from your worries, your current situation- it will still be there! Give a moment to God in prayer. He has the power to transform your outlook in rejuvenating ways.

Prayer draws us into quiet, deep, peaceful moments of refreshing power. We realize so much when we take the time to engage in God’s restoring love. Remembering to pray -anytime and anyplace- broadens our outlook and reminds us that we are never alone.

Focus on the ones you love today in prayer. Instead of feeling stuck in your own agenda, lift up the people around you. Let your mind and soul appreciate the connection through prayer and with the people in your life. This switch in perspective makes life truly full.

Sometimes we go to God desperate in prayer. In these hard times, we just need to trust Him. Rarely can we hear His voice right away, and that can feel discouraging. But as we learn to live slowly we can see His ways in response to our desires if our eyes are open to the truth. Maybe today is not the day you want, in these times trust that God has got you and still your heart in prayer.

I know I’m not alone in wanting this; I need to start taking the mind and heart to live a better way. If we are not constantly trying to improve all aspects of ourselves, we are not doing ourselves or anyone any favors and we can lose the people most important to us. Even when we fail, try along with me to make this a new priority and constant prayer:

Simply think about others before you do something, and your relationships will blossom in strength, dignity, and truth.

1. Have concern for yourself
2. Always be considerate

Let’s think about how we act, the choices we make. Maybe a new identity is in order. How does the way you live affect the ones you love? Do you show them that you care by considering them in how you behave? It is so easy to fall into a selfish mindset, but everyone represents something. What, and who, do you choose to represent with your actions?

Show the ones you love you care about them because they are the most valuable part of your life! Pray for them daily. When we are more conscious of others, we live how we were created to. They would do anything for you, so take conscious to do everything for them. This starts with simple, constant prayer.

Always act in love.

A picture of peace sign

Spark up Hope…

By Katherine White

I heard a song on the radio the other day, “Heaven is God’s Throne” by the Luckett Brothers. Immediately, I grabbed a pen and began to contemplate the meaning behind this song.

Love is splendor, even though all we can see now in the world is disheartening. There is more, this world is not it. Earth has been destined to perish, but Heaven is eternal. Through the pain, we must hold on to the hope that love is real and will win in the end.

“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you” (Matthew 5:11-12)

Love is not encouraged much here on earth, in fact, often times those who choose to love are targeted by hate. Society has warped in many ways that extend far from God’s intention. This world has distanced and desensitized its people from the notion of love. The world is run by evil, but this universe is run by God.

Live in the peace that goes beyond earthly understanding from this acceptance. God is too great to comprehend, so we just trust in His name. It sounds so simple, right? Then there are the overwhelming, ever-present, and overtaking evils that use all of the earthly power they can to distract you from God and the truth.

When we hold onto the hope of God rather than hope for this perishable world, we inherit real richness. Man will always disappoint you and leave your heart empty, but God will never forsake you!

Hope is a battle here on earth. Hope is trying to be stolen from hearts everywhere with every bad piece of news in the media. Look to God instead. Know your heart is only safe resting in His promises.

When the world tries to tell you He is not there, realize what the world has to offer predominantly- negativity and lies. Living for God means standing apart from the majority, it means knowing something much different in your heart and hope is the holding on to that.

Be strong and have the courage to put your hope in God instead of this world. Doing this defies what the world wants from you and what is generally accepted. When everything surrounding you physically wants you to fall, God’s strength is an incomparable force against this world- rely on it and have hope!