Spark Welcome to Weekends by Sarah Breinig

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  • Tag!

Let your inner child out! Thursday (October 8) is American Touch Tag Day, so grab some friends and play tag. Make it more complicated by playing variations on the game, like freeze tag, octopus tag, or link tag. To find more versions of tag, go to https://activeforlife.com/transform-the-game-of-tag/.

  • Do something nice

This Monday (October 5) is Do Something Nice Day, so go out and do something nice. It doesn’t have to be something big, just do something to make someone smile.

  • Watch Mean Girls

Celebrate October 3rd (Sunday), Mean Girls Day, by watching one of the most classic coming of age movies of the early 2000s. Watching this movie with friends will be so fetch (stop trying to make fetch happen). Mean Girls is available streamed on Hulu, Netflix, and SHOWTIME or rented/bought on iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, YouTube, or Vudu. To learn some Mean Girls trivia, visit https://www.buzzfeed.com/farrahpenn/here-are-the-hardest-mean-girls-trivia-questions.

  • Try your hand at cooking a new dish

Since it has been rainy and you’re probably caught inside, go and try to cook something new. Maybe it’s a dish you’ve always wanted to try or make your favorite dish but give a twist.

  • See Olivet Nazarene University’s Broadway Revue

Get your tickets for Broadway Revue for next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (October 8-10). This year’s show is called Under the Stars and features music from Hadestown, Marry Poppins Returns, La La Land, Newsies, and more! I haven’t seen a full rehearsal yet, but it looks great so far! Get tickets at https://olivet.brushfire.com/broadwayrevue/479117?fbclid=IwAR0Yd42iJ9guhLVlANgvtY6botKWNMrwlrV0Hw9mLI8yu0kRQVVSH6DrRVE. Hope you enjoy the show!