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Welcome to Weekends #6

By Sarah Breinig

1) Have a Happy Easter!

Celebrate the miracle of our Lord’s Resurrection with your family and friends! Maybe your headed to a million church services or just one. You might be trying to visit every extended family member you know (and maybe some you don’t) or staying in for the day. Whatever you do, drive safe and remember what the holiday is really about.

2) Read a book

Since lots of places are closed for Easter Break, embrace the time at home. Try read a new best seller or classic that you’ve never got around to picking up. If you’re having trouble finding a book go to for a starting point.

3) Dye Easter Eggs

Think you are too old to dye those kiddie Easter Eggs? Think again! You can take the egg decorating to a whole new level this year. Try tie-dyeing your eggs using a paper towel (, go old school by boiling your eggs with veggies (, or decorate your eggs using a silk tie ( For even more unique ways to dye some Easter Eggs check out

4) Host a White Elephant Egg Hunt

Have all of the attendees wrap a fun gag gift. Then give each of the gifts a number. Write those numbers down a scraps of paper and put them in plastic eggs. Have all of your friends and family hide the egg with their number in it (this ensures that no one accidentally gets their number). Finally let the hunt begin. Once everyone has an egg, begin seeing what numbers they got, start distributing the gifts, and let the fun ensue!

5) Do nothing

For most, this is your last break of the school year, so take a break. Enjoy doing nothing- just hang around with friends or family, be a homebody, or do whatever you need to decompress. A healthy break will help you finish the school year strong.