jake-sparkI have grown up in the Aurora, IL area and am so blessed to have such a wonderful, faith-filled family. I am the oldest of five boys in my family, but if that’s not enough, my two dogs are boys too! (Yep, my mom is a saint.) I am also so extremely lucky to have 7 cousins that live in my neighborhood, so that adds on a “couple extra” siblings as well! I can honestly say that I lucked out big time with the family I was born into. Not only have we shared so many memories together, but they have also given me the greatest gift anyone could ask for, a life in Christ. Because of the faith I have in God, I can be confident that He has and will continue to walk with me through any difficult situation.

So how did I get into radio? I remember once when I was around 12, I grabbed a CD player, some country CD’s, and a spoon to use as a fake mic and I immediately fell in love with it. Fast forward more than a decade later, I am so thankful for the experience I was given while as a student at ONU. And now I am thrilled for the opportunity to be actively involved in such a powerful radio ministry that will continue to impact families for Christ and yes, I get to use a real microphone now.