Spark Welcome to Weekends by Sarah Breinig

If SPARK and Welcome to Weekends is helping you have great weekends, share your experience on Facebook @spark897hd3 and Instagram @spark897hd3 and use #sparkweekend to show what you have been doing. I hope you keep having wonderful weekends!

  • Read a book

Sunday (September 6) is Read a Book Day, so grab your favorite book or short story, a warm beverage, and a comfy blanket and enjoy your book.

  • Visit the Chicago Meme Museum

Yes, you read that right. Chicago has a Meme Museum and it is free (donation recommended). Due to social distancing restrictions, reservations are required and only twenty people are allowed for an hour and a half. Go to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-meme-museum-6th-dimension-space-gallery-tickets-114350730112 to sign up for a reservation. (Note: this is subject to change.)

  • Have a picnic

Before the weather gets too cold, why not have a picnic and enjoy the great outdoors with friends? If you grab a laptop, you can watch a movie. Consider bringing a hammock, frisbee, or other outdoor activity to enjoy the weather.

  • Try a new skill

Is there anything you’ve been meaning to learn like knitting, drawing, or trying a new board game? Why not take the time this week to try this new skill or activity?

  • Watch Christopher Robin

My friends and I enjoyed Christopher Robin and are excited to see it again when it comes to Disney+ next Friday (September 11). Why not make a day of it and have a movie night?