Spark Welcome to Weekends by Sarah Breinig

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  • Eat some pizza

Enjoy some pizza on Sunday (January 9) on National Pizza Day, so eat some pizza. To get more in the spirit of pizza, here are some pizza facts.

  • 36% of people prefer pepperoni (and it’s the most popular topping)
  • 3 billion pizzas are sold in the US annually
  • More pizzas are sold on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year
  • 17% of restaurants sell pizza
  • Americans consume over 23 LBS of pizza per year


  • Send a card to a friend

On Friday (February 7) celebrate Send a Card to a Friend Day by mailing a card to someone you care for. It might be quaint, but it’ll mean a lot to your friends.

  • Visit the Field Museum

You can visit the Field Museum for free the entire month of February. Just bring your Illinois state ID (or TigerCard) and enjoy one of the most iconic museums in Chicago for free. Although general admission is covered, tickets for additional special exhibits such as Extreme Bugs can be purchased on site. Remember to be prepared for pricy parking- fill your car up to help divide the price or consider taking public transportation. The Roosevelt train station is near the Field. From there you can take a one-mile walk through the city or take the 146 bus to the Museum Campus. To get more detailed travel information, use https://tripplanner.rtachicago.com/ccg3/XSLT_TRIP_REQUEST2. Learn more about the Field’s Illinois free days by going to https://www.fieldmuseum.org/our-events/free-admission-days and more about the Field by visiting https://www.fieldmuseum.org/.

  • Wear red

As a symbol of support for women’s heart health, wear red on Friday (Feburary 7). Heart disease is the leading comes of death for women in the United States. To learn more about heart health specifically in women, visit https://www.cdc.gov/heartdisease/women.htm.

  • Visit the Museum of Science and Industry

This Monday through Thursday (February 10-13) the Museum of Science and Industry is offering free admission to Illinois residents. Just make sure that you have your Illinois state ID (or TigerCard). Your free ticket will include general admission. Some key exhibits are Science Storms, Farm Tech, Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle, and U505 Submarine. Make sure you go to Numbers in Nature, an exhibit based on the patterns found in nature. This is a free exhibit, but make sure to get your free timed ticket. If that isn’t enough to do, additional attractions can be purchased including the Coal Mine tour, guided tour of the U505 Sub, WOW! Tour (a one hour behind the scenes tour), and the FabLab workshops (an innovative space with 3D printers and other fabrication tools). Parking will cost $22, so make sure your car is full or use https://tripplanner.rtachicago.com/ccg3/XSLT_DM_REQUEST?itdLPxx_template=odvbox for public transportation. To learn more about MSI free days, go to https://www.msichicago.org/visit/ticket-prices/offers-and-discounts/illinois-free-days/. To get more information on the Museum, visit https://www.msichicago.org/.