Spark Welcome to Weekends

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  • Enjoy the New Year’s Eve Blast

The New Year’s Eve Blast is a mile-long choreographed fireworks display on the Chicago River. At the stroke of midnight, the hour-long show will begin. There are several different downtown locations to view the Blast, which can be found at https://nyeblast.com/. Remember to be early to get a good view. To learn more about the New Year’s Eve Blast, visit https://nyeblast.com/.

  • Binge your favorite show

Enjoy the copious amounts of time that break brings by binging your favorite show or watch some favorite movies. Whether you are with friends and family or own your own, embrace the change to hang out and do nothing for a few days.

  • Play cards

Grab some friends and family and celebrate Card Playing Day (Saturday 28th), a day dedicated to card games. Play some classic games like Rummy, Speed, or Spoons or try a lesser-known ones which can be found with instructions on how to play at https://playingcarddecks.com/blogs/all-in/40-great-card-games-for-all-occasions.

  • Learn a new skill

Try something new! Turn to YouTube, Capterra, or Khan Academy for some free tutorials. Maybe you have wanted to learn a new skill for a while but haven’t had the time. Now you can use the free time that break provides to learn that new thing.

  • Have a Happy New Year!

This Tuesday (December 31st) is New Year’s Eve, so usher in the New Year with your friends and family.  Set those resolutions, watch New Year’s Eve Celebrations on TV, or just goof around with friends until midnight. Try mixing up how you celebrate by learning about how other cultures bring in the new year by visiting https://worldstrides.com/blog/2016/12/9-new-years-traditions-cultures-around-world/ or celebrate at home in a new and different way by going to https://fustany.com/en/lifestyle/living/24-fun-ideas-to-celebrate-new-years-eve-at-home. From the spark family to yours, Happy New Year!